College Life

In 2015 we undertook a whole school consultation to define our set of values and agreed the following:

Bevin believes in... Respect, Tolerance, Opportunity, Resilience & Happiness



Bevin Values

A good working atmosphere is essential. Our code of conduct encourages pupils to show self-discipline and be responsible for the consequences of their actions. We expect high standards of attendance and punctuality, friendly and thoughtful behaviour towards others, and to come prepared for lessons and learning. 


Student code of conduct


Green Ties 2015


TO provide all pupils with equal opportunity to achieve their full academic, social and personal development in a safe environment.

TO maintain a stimulating educational community within which all pupils’ individual needs are known, understood and met, and which enables staff and students to work in a co-operative way.

TO ensure commitment to equality of opportunity for all, regardless of ability, race, gender or class, is shared by all and is central to every aspect of college life.

TO provide structures which ensure that pupils, staff, parents and members of the local community are actively involved in the life of the college.

TO give pupils an understanding of the complex and changing society in which we live, so that they are equipped to make autonomous decisions, and cope with the demands of the modern world.


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