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The CCF stands for Combined Cadet Force. It is a voluntary youth organisation in schools and  colleges, in the state and independent sector, sponsored and administered by the Ministry of Defence. The Cadet Expansion Programme has been devisied by the government with the Department for Education and the Ministry of Defence in order to increase leadership opportunities in State Funded Schools. EBC is at the forefront of the CEP in London and will be one of only 2 schools in London to have a Royal Marine CCF section, the other one being Harrow.

If you are interested in finding out  more see Mr Mason, Contingent Commanderor Mr Goodey, School Staff Instructor for CCF.

Watch the video of the Grand Opening First Parade of the CCF detachment at Ernest Bevin College on 19th April 2017



First Parade April 2017 - click Photo Gallery to see photos from the afternoon

CCF Taster Day October 2016 - click Photo Gallery to see photos from the afternoon


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The CCF mission is to:

"provide a disciplined organisation in a school so that pupils may develop powers of leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.” 



What is the CCF?

The CCF stands for the Combined Cadet Force. It is a voluntary youth organisation in schools and colleges, in the state and independent sectors, sponsored and administered by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). CCF units, known as contingents, may comprise up to 4 sections: Royal Navy (RN), Royal Marines (RM), Army and Royal Air Force (RAF). The MOD sponsors the CCF and provides some financial aid, administered by the respective single Services which in our case is the RN.


Who is it for?

The CCF is for those people who are interesting in being leaders and developing their leadership potential, no matter what career they may enter into. Currently at EBC the CCF is open to Years 10, 11 and 12 but will open up to include Year 9 in the future.


What types of activities can I get involved in?

It is a leadership course so there will be leadership tasks and activities where you will be assessed on your communication, teamwork, organisation and how well you operate as a leader, however there are key disciplines that need to be mastered too. These include map reading, fieldcraft, navigation, fitness, first aid and military knowledge. You will also be eligible to attend a wide variety of courses that are run including sailing, yachting and diving courses as well as attending the summer camps.


How will it benefit me?

You will be taught a number of different and valuable skills such as life-saving and first aid, as well as how to teach lessons and coach your peers to get the best out of them, not to mention leadership. You will be constantly learning how to develop your leadership style and what makes an effective leader. It is also recognised as a huge plus for those attending University and the skills that you learn are transferable so adding them into your UCAS personal statement can have a huge impact.


How do I join?

First, collect a letter of interest and application form from Mr. Mason. Then, get the letter signed by your parents to agree to you being part of the process. Return your application form completed with your reasons of why you wish to become a cadet with the Ernest Bevin College CCF. Hand both the letter and application form in to Mr Mason. Following that and upon successful application you will be asked to complete a short presentation task to a small group including some adults. If you are successful in that you will be accepted into the next wave of training. Good luck and get those applications filled in!



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