Gifted and Talented

Currently academically more able learners are described as "those who have abilities in one or more academic subject, such as mathematics or English". Academically more able pupils are identified as those who entered the Key Stage above national expectations in English or mathematics.

The photos below were taken during some of the trips activities that have taken place in addition to classroom activities, click on each photo to take you to a gallery for each visit.


HQS Wellington Cambridge visit 2016
Bletchley Park
Paris ICT trip


The provision for academically more able pupils (Gifted and Talented pupils) at the college is within an inclusive framework, which aims to meet the needs of this range of learners. It acts as a vehicle for raising expectations and develops exciting, innovative approaches by allowing pupils to discover, as well as develop, their gifts and talents.

These pupils are encouraged to achieve their potential through a programme of activities both inside and outside the college. Academically more able pupils (Gifted and Talented pupils) have been involved in a range of activities including summer schools, workshops, national competitions and visits to universities. Listed below are some of the activities pupils have been involved in over recent years.


Year 7-- Thinking skills including learning styles, creativity and responsibility, puzzle days, Maths Challenge, extra science classes, ICT Manchester University Animation Challenge, Robotics Club.

Year 8 -- Robotics Club, Gifted and Talented classes, science classes, Poetry Slam competition, music trip to Royal Festival Hall, Science Museum Trip, Daily morning homework club with computer facilities and resources.

Year 9 -- participation in the Urban Scholars scheme at Brunel University; a science competition challenge day, Aim Higher Road Show, early entry GCSE Geography lessons, joint trip to Belgium with Battersea Park School, Early GCSE Saturday Astronomy classes at Greenwich Observatory, trips to HQS Wellington and Bletchley Park.

Year 10-- Cambridge University 'Challenge Day', Science and Geography tasters sessions at Goldsmiths' College, summer schools in London, Urban Scholars Scheme with Brunel University, Physical Education 'Goal setting workshop', Bletchley Park Computing Trip.

Year 11 -- University visit to Cambridge, Urban Scholars scheme at St Mary's University, summer schools across the UK; Religious Education 'Debating Society', Microsoft 'Challenge Day' in Reading HQ

All pupils who are eligible for the National Academy of Gifted & Talented Youth are enrolled. This gives them access to a national scheme of events run by the Government and enables the pupils to access their comprehensive web pages and study aids.

Individual departments will run separate trip and extra-curricular sessions with pupils they have identified in the academically more able (Gifted and Talented) band.


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Year 9 Trip to HQS Wellington

Year 9 Trip to Bletchley Park 2015

Year 10 Trip to Cambridge University 2016

Year 8 Trip to Natural History Museum 2015



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