Year Groups

Each year group is identified by the colour of their tie and blazer badge. Students identify strongly with their year group and are known as Yellow Ties, Blue Ties, Red Ties, Green Ties and Purple Ties respectively. There is a Head of Year for each group who is responsible for all students in that year. The head of year and tutors stay with their students for the five years they are in the main part of the college. This means staff get to know the boys and their families individually and can monitor their academic progress and well-being.

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RED TIES (Joined September 2016)

GREEN TIES (Joined September 2015)

PURPLE TIES (Joined September 2014)

YELLOW TIES (Joined September 2013)

BLUE TIES (Joined September 2012)

Red Ties


Green tie

Purple Tie


Yellow tie

Blue Tie


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