Blue Ties

Blue Ties join EBC in September 2017. They are divided into seven tutor groups and their tutors are based in the History, Geography, RE and Business Studies Departments.



Head of Year Ms Z. Thompson
Assistant Principal Mr T. Kay


Room 310

Mr P. Gbadeyan (Tutor)

Ms E. Olasebikan (Assistant Tutor)


Room 313

Ms P. Head (Tutor)

Ms S. Long (Assistant Tutor)


Room 311

Ms S. Jones (Tutor)

P. Miah (Assistant Tutor)


Room 201

Mr T. Punt  (Tutor)

Mr S. Grime (Assistant Tutor)


Room 312

Mr M. Sears (Tutor)

Ms L. Sheridan (Assistant Tutor)


Room 36

Ms L. Thomas (Tutor)

A. Boles (Assistant Tutor)


Room 315

Mr S. Watkin (Tutor)

Ms M. Thornton(Assistant Tutor)

Diary Dates 2017-18


w/c Monday 11th September - Year 7 STAR tests (reading assessments - no revision needed)

w/c 18th September - Year 7/8 Buddy afternoons

w/c 25th September - NFER verbal & non-verbal reasoning tests - no revision needed

Wednesday 11th October - Parent Coffee Morning 9.30-10.30am - chance to come in and ask general questions in an informal environment

Friday 13th October - Year 7 History Butser Hill Trip - Information will be sent home to relevant pupils

Half term 23-27th October

Thursday 2nd November - Year 7 Induction meeting - a chance for parents to come in to college and ask questions 

Monday 13th November - Year 7 Science Trip to London ZSL - information will be sent home to relevant pupils

Wednesday 15th November - INSED Day - college closed to pupils

w/c 20th November - Year 7 Geography Trips -information will be sent home

Thursday 30th November - Year 7 Parents Evening

Wednesday 13th December - Winter Concert

Wednesday 20th December - Last day of Autumn Term



Wednesday 3rd January - college reopens - all students to be in for 8.45am prompt

Friday 26th January - Chinese New Year celebrations

Wednesday 31st January - Parent Coffee Morning 9.30-10.30am

12-16th February - half term

9-12th March - Year 7 residential trip to Osmington Bay - inforamtion will be sent home

15th March - Year 7 English Museum of London Trip - information will be sent home to relevant students

Tuesday 20th March - Year 7 Science Museum Trip - information will be sent home

Thursday 29th March - Last day of spring term



Monday 16th April - college reopens to all students for 8.45am prompt start

Wednesday 2nd May - Parent Coffee morning 9.30-10.30am

Monday 7th May - May Day holiday - college closed

28th May - 1st June - Half term

w/c 11th June - Year 7 exams

Thursday 28th June - INSED staff training day - college closed to pupils

Friday 6th July - INSED staff training day - college closed to pupils

Friday 20th July - last day of summer term



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