Green Ties

Green Ties joined the college in September 2015. They are divided into seven tutor groups and their tutors are based in the Science, Technology & Psychology departments.


Y7 PGL Trip


DIARY DATES 2016-17:

Thursday 2nd March: Year 8 Parents Evening

Friday 5th May-Monday 8th May: Year 8 PGL Trip to Osmington Bay

Monday 5th June- Friday 9th June: Year 8 Exams


Year 8 Clubs

Year 8 Suggested Books

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Our first day September 2015

First Term 2015

Science Week - Birds of Prey workshop March 2016

PGL Residential Trip March 2016


Head of Year Mr W. Lee
Vice Principal Mr M. Weatherhead


Room 11

Mr A. Bailey (Tutor)


Room 23

Ms C Davidson (Tutor)

Ms S. Saidoune (Assistant Tutor)


Room 102

Mr P Bell (Tutor)



Room 31

Mr K. Hemraj (Tutor)

Mr J. Mussard (Assistant Tutor)


Room 101

Mr M. Laher (Tutor)

Mr C. Gibson (Assistant Tutor)


Room 33

Ms S. Shahid (Tutor)

Ms V. Sivasankaran (Assistant Tutor)


Room 9

Mr B. Compton  (Tutor)

Ms J. Daley (Assistant Tutor)

Additional Assistant Tutors

Ms M. Casey (Head of Inclusion)

Mr S. Young (Cover Administrator/Supervisor)


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