The curriculum at Ernest Bevin embraces everything the students experience at school.  Our fundamental aim is to meet the individual needs of all students across the full prior attainment range by delivering a differentiated and supported curriculum which has high expectations, encourages active learning, delivers academic success, develops practical skills and builds self-worth. 

Curriculum Rationale

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More specifically, the chief aims of the education provided by lessons, extended work experience and enrichment activities are as follows:

  • to help all students to achieve their full potential in all areas of learning and experience, through a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated according to the varying prior attainment and motivational needs of the students;
  • to help all students secure the maximum possible success in public examinations;
  • to help students to develop a wide range of attributes that gives them advantages in their chosen careers and aids them in the development of their learning throughout their lives;
  • to encourage students to regularly participate and compete in sports at all levels from beginner to elite national level and develop all of the skills that come with that participation;
  • to help students to acquire a wide range of physical and practical skills and to help them utilise those skills in a variety of different contexts;
  • to engender in students a love of learning for its own sake, helping them to recognise the pleasure and enjoyment that can be gained from the acquisition of new knowledge and understanding and the development of new skills;
  • to help students to develop such qualities of character and personality as will help them to take their place as active citizens in a pluralistic, multicultural, democratic society;
  • to help students to develop an awareness of moral values, to recognise the existence of moral values other than their own and to respect the moral values implicit in the ethos of the school;
  • to help students to acquire knowledge and skills that will contribute to their development as mature adults, helping to prepare them for their future lives at home, at work, at leisure in continuing education and society;
  • to create a curriculum that allows for progression and continuity within and between key stages and which is coherently implemented and organised;
  • to facilitate equality of access to the curriculum for all students;
  • to teach the curriculum through a wide variety of teaching styles and through the creation of learning situations appropriate to the needs of the students;
  • to create an environment that is conducive to learning, where students feel free to adopt a positive attitude towards their education and where all forms of success and achievement are recognised and celebrated;
  • to ensure that students gain as many formal extra-curricular qualifications as possible from their work  including: sports coaching badges, practical music examinations, Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, ECDL, ASSE, ASDAN, HPQ, Duke of Edinburgh and other similar qualifications. These qualifications will be delivered on the basis of the advantages they bring to our students regardless of which qualifications count on national league tables.
  • The EBacc suite of qualifications will continue to be at the core of our curriculum which is borne out by our excellent results in these subjects. However, we also continue to ensure that our students have full access to other subjects in the broader curriculum. In addition we work to ensure that all students follow a curriculum appropriate to their needs, regardless of the impact on national league tables.
  • We also aim to give our students every advantage when entering the world of work by taking every opportunity to promote vocational skills. This is achieved not only through the subjects taught but also by ensuring that all opportunities are taken to teach these skills including: extra-curricular clubs, competing in elite sports, CCF, work experience, educational visits, visiting guest speakers and sector specific careers talks.

The Curriculum Rationale can be accessed as a single document by clicking here.

The Curriculum Map can be accessed as a single document by clicking here.



There is regular homework set according to a timetable and students in all years are expected to hand in homework on time. Homework is closely monitored by tutors and parents through the student planner and Doddle online system.



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