Computer Science

Welcome to the Computer Science department:

Bletchley Park

Yellow Ties visit Bletchley Park, to learn about the World War II code breakers and the birth of computing


Head of Computer Science /Senior Teacher                                                          Ms C. Iweha
Teacher of Computer Science/ Gifted & Talented Coordinator Mr Y. Chabibi
Teacher of Computer Science Mr G. Suleiman
Deputy Head of Computer Science Ms S. Voniatis




Curriculum Guides

Click on the links below and an outline of the curriculum taught in each year will open in a new window. Please note Computing is not taught as a separate subject in Year 8 but in Year 9 it is allocated a double lesson to ensure there is sufficient time to complete programming work each week.

Year 7 Computer Science

Year 9 Computer Science


Year 10 GCSE Computer Science

Year 11 GCSE Computer Science


Year 10 BTEC First Award ICT

Year 11 BTEC First Award ICT


Year 10 ECDL

Year 12 ECDL


Year 12 A Level Computer Science

Year 13 A Level Computer Science


Year 12 BTEC ICT

Year 13 BTEC ICT



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