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Ernest Bevin College offers a broad and balanced curriculum to students at every stage in their education. A summary of the curriculum offered in each Key Stage can be found below. For more detailed information about individual subjects, click on the subject areas shown on the left hand navigation bar. 

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KEY STAGE 3: Years 7, 8 &9

The table below shows the number of lessons received each week, in each subject


Year 7          Year 8           Year 9        
English 4 4* 4*
Maths 4 4* 4*
Science 3 3* 3*
History 2 2 2
Geography 2 2 2
Modern Foreign Language 3** 3** 3***
Art 2 2 2 or 1****
Expressive Arts 2 2 1/2****
Design Technology 2***** 2***** 2*****
RE 1 2 1
Citizenship 1 1 1
PE 3* 3* 3*
Computing 1 0 2


* These subjects are taught in sets based on ability

** MFL: French and Spanish are taught

***Students study either French or Spanish

****Students chooise either 1 Art & 2 periods of Expresssive Arts (drama or music) or 2 periods of Art and & 1 Expressive Art lesson

***** Students are taught in smaller groups that rotate through different Design Technology disciplines.



KEY STAGE 4: Years 10 &11

The table below shows the number of lessons received each week, in each subject

Subject Year 10         Year 11           
English Language & Literature 5 or 6*+ 5 or 6*+


A Side also does Statistics

5* 5*
Science (either as 3 separate GCSEs Biology, Chemistry & Physics or Trilogy Science) 6** 6**
History or Geography 3 or 4 3 or 4
HPQ (Higher Project Qualification)/ PSHEE 1 1
Modern Foreign Language 3*** 3***




PSHE & Literacy 1 1

Optional Subjects (GCSE or *BTEC) including

Art, Business Studies*, Citizenship, Computing, Design Technology, Economics, Engineering*, Expressive Arts*, Hospitality & Catering*, ICT*, Media Studies, PE, Product Design, RE, Sport*







* These subjects are taught in sets based on ability

** Some students will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics (6 periods). Some will study Trilogy Science (also 6 periods). Trilogy Science is not compulsory in Year 11.

*** Students chose either French or Spanish

**** Optional Subjects (Students choose 1 or 2 Optional Subjects) A side have 4 lessons, B side have 3 lessons.

For those students not studying RE or Citizenship as an examination subject, topics are covered in HPQ/PSHEE.

+ A side have 5 lessons of English, B side have 6 lessons a week

++B Band do not do French or Spanish, they have an extra option choice instead

+++ A side have 3 lessons of History or Geography in Year 10, B side will have 4 lessons a week


SIXTH FORM: (KEY STAGE 5): Years 12 &13

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Students choose subjects from the following list to make up 4 A levels or equivalent. In addition any student who does not have at least GCSE grade C in English or Maths must also study these subjects until they reach a C grade.

A Levels:

Maths, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Science, Further Maths, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Government & Politics, History, Product Design, Graphics, Art, PE, RE, Media Studies, Media Studies, Computing, French, Other MFL


BTEC Nationals Level 3 (Extended Diplomas)

Applied Science, Engineering, Sport, Travel & Tourism, ICT, Art, Business Studies.


BTEC Nationals Level 2 (Diplomas)

Engineering, Fitness Instructor, ICT, Retail, Uniformed Services

Include one day a week extended work experience.


Vocational Learning

Students who are not yet ready for A Levels of BTEC Nationals will study a suite of foundation and vocational subjects including a BTEC Level 2 in either Sport, numeracy and literacy. They will normally also have one day of vocational study off site.



There is regular homework set according to a timetable and students in all years are expected to hand in homework on time. Homework is closely monitored by tutors and parents through the student planner and Doddle online system.



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