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Maths WatchErnest Bevin subscribes to Maths Watch VLE to help students progress with Maths. To log in you will need your Fronter username. Centre ID is ernestbevin. Please check with your Maths teacher if you experience problems.





Maths Masterclass

Red Tie Mathematicians at a Royal Institution Maths Masterclass


Head of Maths

Mr M. Segbafah

Teacher of Maths

Mr A. Abdalla

Teacher of Maths

Mr S. Farrell

Teacher of Maths

Mr M. Mahfush
Teacher of Maths Mr F. Mbuyongha 

Teacher of Maths/Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

Ms A. Newnham

Assistant Principal

Mr O. Omo
Teacher of Maths Mr G. Opoku

Deputy Head of Maths

Mr A. Razaq
Learning Support Assistant in Maths Ms L. Terziu



Maths Curriculum Guides:

Click on the links below and a guide to the Maths Curriculum studied in each year group will open in a new window.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

AS Maths




KS3 Schemes of Work (Years 7, 8 &9)

High Attainers

Middle Attainers

Low Attainers

Maths Masterclass

Green Tie Mathematicians attended a Maths Masterclass at Northcote Lodge twice a term in order to stretch and challenge the most able

Holiday Revision GCSE Questions

Grade A Questions

Grade B Questions

Grade C Questions

Grade D Questions



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