Modern Foreign Languages

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At Ernest Bevin College we really value languages and offer a challenging curriculum that will extend even our most able linguists. There are opportunities to take exams in languages other than those taught if students speak these languages at home or have sufficient knowledge to pass the exam.


Y9 Languages


The MFL department celebrate European Day of Languages in September each year. Staff & students in college who speak another language wore an 'I speak ....' sticker & there were a number of activities throughout the day including a hotly contested quiz.


Y8 Languages


Head of MFL/ Senior Teacher/ International Co-ordinator

Ms M Dorcely-Libaya

Deputy Head of MFL

Ms C. Peroy
Teacher of Modern Languages Mr A. Belli
Teacher of Mandarin (0.6) Mr D. Huang
Teacher of Modern Languages (0.6) Ms A. Waugh
MFL Assistant M. S. Mateo
Teacher of Spanish with French/ Head of Year 12                      Ms J. Young



Curriculum Guides:

In Year 7, 8 & 9 students will learn French or Spanish. In Year 7 they also learn Mandarin. In Year 10 & 11 most students will study at least one language at GCSE. Those students who speak another language at home are encouraged to sit a GCSE paper in this language and the college can help with exam preparation. Languages are also offered at A level.

Year 7 French

Year 7 Spanish

Year 7 Mandarin

Year 8 French

Year 8 Spanish

Year 9 French

Year 9 Spanish


Additional Activities

Photos from Chinese New Year Performance January 2018

Sixth Form Trip to China 2017

Barcelona Trip - July 2016

Sixth Form Trip to China 2016

Photos from Chinese New Year performance February 2016


Ernest Bevin College has once again been awarded the International School Award by the British Council in recognition of its work to bring the world into the classroom. Annual activities include European Day of Languages, Chinese New Year celebrations, Trips to China, Barcelona, Nice. Ernest Bevin is also a Confucius Classroom.


International School AWard 

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