Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department plays a vibrant role in college life. Students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, join a number of bands and take part in the popular shows put on in the winter or summer terms in addition to music and drama curriculum lessons.


Summer Stars Auditions

Summer Stars 2017 Auditions - see Mr Kilner or Ms Attina for more information

Teacher of Music     Ms E. Attina
Teacher of Drama Mr J. Kilner
Teacher of Music Mr S. Rodman




Guitar Teacher Mr T. Barron
Steel Pans Mr A. Campbell
Cello Ms F. Clarey
Drums Mr M. Clowes
Violin Ms D. Mitchell
Guitar Mr J. Phillips
African Drumming Mr V. Phillips

Curriculum Guides

Drama and Music are taught in blocks during KS3 (Years 7,8 & 9). Students have the option to continue with Expressive Art or Music in Key Stages 4 and 5. 

We also offer music tuition (free of charge) to any student who wishes to learn and instrument and boys are encouraged to take their Grade exams and join the college bands. Each year we have a number of students who successfully pass their Trinity Music exams in a variety of instruments and grades.

Year 7 Performing Arts

Year 8 Performing Arts

Year 9 Performing Arts


Extra- Curricular Clubs




African Drumming

School Band




 Rock Circus




After School

Rock/Percussion Band  Chess Club  Rock Band  



Recent Performances:

Click on highlighted links to take you to photo galleries of these shows

2015 Winter Concert

2014 Aladdin

2012 The Wizard of Oz

2012 O.T.T. Over The Top


Sixth Form students also put on performances including "The Long and the Short and the Tall", "Of Mice and Men" and "Slow Time" in addition to the whole school productions.


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