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Science Club 2016
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Photos from Science Club 2015 click here


Head of Science

Ms S. Munday

Head of Physics

Mr J. Dennett

Head of KS5 Science  

Ms Shahi

Head of KS4 Science

Ms S Gardiner

Head of KS3 Science

Mr K. Hemraj
Teacher of Science Ms C. Davidson
Teacher of Science Mr J. Mussard

Teacher of Science

Ms S. Saidoune
Teacher of Science Ms S. Shahid
Principal Ms R. Sheikh
Teacher of Science Ms V. Sivasankaran

Head of Year 7- Red Tie Achievement/Teacher of Science

Mr R. Skilton
Science Technician Ms R. Basak
Science Technician
Ms N. Paisiou
Science Apprentice

Ms R. Del Olmo


Science Curriculum Guides

Click on the links below and the curriculum guides will open in a new window

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Year 10 Biology

Year 10 Chemistry

Year 10 Combined Science

Year 10 & 11 Physics

Year 11 Biology

Year 11 Chemistry

Year 11 Combined Science

BTEC Science

Visit Sixth Form Curriculum pages for Science course information in KS5


Science Lab Opening 2013

The newly refurbished Science Labs were officially opened in September 2013 by Gadget Show presenter and Bevin Old Boy, Ortis Deley. As he cut the ribbon he said he hoped the new labs would inspire a Nobel-prize winning scientist to come from Ernest Bevin College sometime in the future!




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