Governing Body

Please see below for the list of serving governors 


Chair of Governors

Chair of Governors Mr Richard Glasson meets with reps on the College Council 


Principal Governor

Ms R. Sheikh

Chair Mr R. Glasson

Vice Chairs

Ms. C. Dowdell

Mr J. Medhurst

Staff Governor

Mrs T. Williams

Parent Governors

Mrs S. Gordon

Mr J. Medhurst (Vice- chair)

Mr R. Sandy

Mr R. Harris

Co-opted Governors

(up to 11)

Mr S. Benton

Revd P. Boardman

Mrs E. Brooks-Gilzeane

Mrs C. Dowdell (Vice- Chair)

Mr R. Glasson (Chair)

Mr J. Oddy (Director of Finance & Administration)

Mr N. Patel

Dr A. Saleem

Mr S. Riches

Cllr S. Wilkie

LA Governor

Mr D. Amos

Advisors/Vice Principal

Mr M.Weatherhead (Vice Principal)


Governor Attendance & Business Interests 2017-18

Governor Annual Statement for 2017-18



Governor Attendance & Business Interests 2016-17

Governors Annual Statement to Parents 2016-17



Governor Attendance & Business Interests 2015-2016

Governors Annual Statement to Parents 2015-2016



Governor Attendance & Business Interests 2014-15



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