Admissions Policy

Applications to Ernest Bevin College should be made through Wandsworth Council. The deadline for applications for admissions for the following September is usually at the end of October in the previous year. 


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In each year there are 60 selective places offered to those boys with the highest scores in the Wandsworth Year 6 test. The remaining 120 places are non-selective and are offered on the basis of our admissions criteria summarised as: looked after children; those with special social/medical needs; siblings of those on the college roll at the time of application and those living nearest to the school.

All applicants apply on an equal footing and do not need to specify under which category they are applying.

Please read the detailed Admission Criteria and related notes by clicking on the links below or refer to the latest Choose a Wandsworth Secondary School booklet published annually by Wandsworth Council for full admission criteria.

EBC Admission Policy


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