Boys Inspired by Dsylexic Author

13 Feb 2015 - 12:31pm
Category: College Life

A group of 15 privileged readers from the Library Book Club were invited to a book launch held at Chestnut Grove Academy. The event which took place at the end of January was attended by around 250 pupils from Wandsworth and Lambeth schools.

The new book being introduced was called "The Door that led to where" by author Sally Gardner. Sally is an international author whose books have been translated into 22 different languages. She won the Carnegie Book Award in 2013 for her book "Maggot Moon".


Dsylexic Author Photo


Sally talked a lot about her childhood and how difficult it was for her as someone with dyslexia. She admitted that she could not read properly until she was 14 and her teachers told her there was no point sitting her O'Level English because she wouldnt pass it. They also told her that she would never go to university but she managed to do both!

She told us that she believes spelling and grammar don't matter (something most teachers would be horrified to hear!); it's all about being able to get your ideas across.

Sally Gardner was very inspiring and the message of her talk was really about following your dreams and not letting anyone stop you. Her advice for aspiring writers was to read lots of good books or if you are finding reading tricky to listen to audio books.

Report by Mohammed in Year 10


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