EBC Partnership Agreement & Code of Conduct (Behaviour Policy)

When a student joins EBC they and their family are asked to sign the EBC Partnership Agreement and agree to the college's Code of Conduct. Click on the links below to view these two documents.

EBC Code of Conduct(Behaviour Policy)

EBC Expectations of Pupils


Bevin Values

The Student's Commitment : 


  • attend college regularly
  • arrive on time and attend all lessons punctually
  • be friendly, polite, co-operative and thoughtful
  • to treat other pupils with respect and to avoid any behaviour which upsets or harms other pupils (bullying)
  • remember books and necessary equipment
  • respect the college environment
  • always focus on making progress by using minimum targets and listening to guidance and feedback
  • be involved fully in activities
  • always complete and hand in homework on time
  • always wear college uniform smartly
  • record all relevant information in my Student Planner
  • respect the authority of the college staff
  • deal with any problems which arise in a sensible manner.


The Family's Commitment : 


  • accept the place offered at Ernest Bevin College
  • maintain the spirit of this partnership
  • support the college in upholding its standards and policies
  • ensure that my son wears college uniform and brings necessary kit and equipment to college
  • ensure that he does the homework set
  • monitor and sign his Student Planner
  • allow my son to participate in recreational swimming
  • allow my son to go on educational visits supervised by a teacher and other responsible adults
  • respect the authority which college staff have over my child and to discuss any issues which arise in a polite and responsible manner.


The College's Commitment :


  • follows a curriculum which is appropriate to their abilities and needs and receives good quality teaching
  • has the support in which to make progress
  • feels a sense of achievement - having learned something or how to do better
  • feels valued by his teachers and has his work regularly assessed and commented upon
  • is fully involved in any activity so that time is spent positively
  • acts co-operatively and responsibly
  • understands homework instructions
  • has his Student Planner monitored on a regular basis
  • is treated in a fair and respectful manner by staff and is offered pastoral support if and when necessary.


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